Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To advance educational equity in the Greater Boston area through multi-year summer academic enrichment programs that help children thrive in school and beyond.

Our Vision

Every child in the Greater Boston Area has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Our Values

Inspiring Minds: Children learn best when they trust their teachers and peers. Horizons fosters a joyful environment with academic, social, artistic, and athletic activities that inspire and encourage our students to become their whole selves.

Building CommunityHorizons brings together families, teachers, and public and private institutions to make a long-term commitment to every child, starting as early as preschool and continuing until high school and often beyond.

Transforming Lives: Children need more than academic skills to succeed. We nurture critical qualities like creativity, persistence, and the ability to overcome personal challenges. Horizons helps students transform the way they see themselves and the world and helps them feel empowered to make positive change.